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Who We Are

We visit different Elementary School or Boys and Girls Clubs including Juliette Low Elementary, East Broad Elementary, Butler Elementary, and Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club.  Through art activities that are planed ahead of time we teach multiculturalism, self-esteem, respecting others, fine motor skills, communication aptitude, and creativity.  The events are usually held on Fridays in the afternoons, and are done every week of the quarter. 

We also aim to be a channel through which SCAD students can develop thesis or personal art projects related to teaching and inspiring the youth.


What We Do

We are a SCAD program dedicated to social service through partnering with America´s Second Harvest. We aim to inspire others and provide an opportunity for SCAD students to fully exploit their potential by sharing their knowledge of art and design with the kids. America´s Second Harvest provides a balanced meal before each event.  Additionally, we assit with fund-raising events such as Jewels and Jeans.




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